The 916. Grenadier Regiment is a 're-created' living history unit based on the actual unit that fought with distinction in North West Europe between 1944 and 1945, therefore, we owe it to those men of both sides to portray them correctly and with respect - lest we forget.

The unit was formed way back in 1978 by enthusiasts and collectors and was then called 'Stürmgruppe Adler'- a fictitious unit. Later, we adopted an options trading platform actual German Unit identity and today the unit has a long and proud history as one of the premier WWII German Infantry Units in the world.

The unit is made up of a group of dedicated individuals with an interest in the WWII German Army, but without any sympathy for the Third Reich or its ideals. Our aim is to honour the ordinary infantry soldier of all nations.

Steel Helmet:
M35, M40 or M42 pattern with correct liner (Not Czech or Bundeswehr) and black leather chin strap. No Spanish, Bundeswehr or Feuerwehr helmets permitted. Single Army eagle decal optional. All helmets will be painted a uniform grey colour (paint has been computer colour matched to the original) which can be supplied. Camouflage painted helmets will be permitted on a 1 in 10 basis and may not be allowed at certain parade/training events and therefore should be regarded as an what is the best options trading platform optional extra. Chicken wire, bread bag straps, netting and inner tube bands are permitted for camouflage. Splinter cloth covers will be permitted on a 1 in 5 basis and only if correct material and construction. No Tan/Water or Italian camo covers permitted.

Cap: M43 preferred though some M38/40 and M42 side caps permitted. Must be an exact reproduction with correct insignia. Splinter camouflage caps will only be permitted at private events. No waffenfarbe (branch of service chevrons) on sidecaps.

Tunic: M40, M42 or M43 pattern field grey wool with correct insignia and original buttons. Field dressings to be carried in the special inner pocket. Must be an exact reproduction from an approved supplier (i.e. Janke, At The Front etc). No Swedish conversions permitted.

Trousers: M42 pattern in field grey wool preferred, but M37 acceptable. Must be exact reproductions from an approved supplier. No Swedish conversions permitted.

Service Shirt: Must be grey jersey or cotton pullover type with or without breast pockets and have correct long pointed collar and pressed paper buttons. Must be an exact reproduction from an approved supplier. No "Tropical" or Bundeswehr shirts permitted. No insignia to be worn on shirts.

Belt & Braces: Reproduction webbing and leather trouser belt and/or original or reproduction issue grey elasticated braces or period civilian braces, must be button on type, not clip-ons. No East/West German surplus braces permitted.
Ankle Boots: Must be toecapless, have leather soles and heels and be shod with heel and toe plates and hobnails, only leather laces to be used and these must be threaded correctly. Currently the three options in order of preference are: 1) Exact reproduction late war boots with "rough out" toe section; these boots come undyed as per May 1944 regs and if left undyed they must be coated with dubbin until they are darkened right down. Come ready shod. Expensive but the best. 2) WWII Czech army boots; come ready shod and are very close to the originals, they come in options trading platforms free black or brown leather. 3) Royal Navy Deck Boots; will need additional sole and metalwork added. No marching boots ("jackboots") permitted other than for Officer and senior NCO.

Gaiters: Must be either original in good serviceable condition or exact reproductions from the USA. No East/West German surplus gaiters permitted

Socks: Exact reproductions of the grey wool issue socks with white size rings.

GR916 - 1944 - 1945
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